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Q: Why won't my Bowl Light™ turn on?
A: Bowl Light™ will only turn on when in a dark room. If in a dark room and Bowl Light™ still does not turn on, check the following reasons:

  • The batteries may need to be replaced. Install new batteries as directed in the instruction manual and retry in a dark room.
  • The batteries may be installed incorrectly. Please check to be sure batteries are installed as directed in the instruction manual.
  • The motion sensor may not be sensing your movement. Re-position Bowl Light™ so the motion sensor faces the entry of the bathroom.
  • The toilet seat cover may be covering the motion sensor. Make sure Bowl Light™ is flat against the toilet and nothing is blocking the motion sensor.

Q: How can I clean my Bowl Light™?
A: Bowl Light™ is water-resistant but not waterproof. Never submerge in water or run under a faucet. To clean your Bowl Light™, remove from the toilet and surface wash with a non-abrasive sponge or towel using a mild detergent. Let air dry, then re-attach to toilet as directed in these instructions.

Q: Why is my Bowl Light™ blinking red?
A: Bowl Light™ has a built-in Low Battery Indicator that will blink red when it is time to replace the batteries. Refer to your instruction manual for correct way to change your batteries.

Q: Will Bowl Light™ turn off after I leave the room?
A: Yes, Bowl Light™ will automatically turn off approximately 1 minute after you leave the room.

Q: How can I re-adjust my Bowl Light™?
A: Make sure Bowl Light™ is installed as directed in instruction manual, with Multi-Color LED tip tucked under ledge of inside of the toilet bowl. If necessary, try cleaning Bowl Light™ as directed in instruction manual, and try again.

Q: How do I change the color of my Bowl Light™?
A: While in a dark room and Bowl Light™ is on, press the button on the front of the unit to see available colors. Once you find the color you want, stop pressing the button.

Q: How can I activate “Color-Cycle Mode?”
A: To activate “Color-Cycle Mode,” repeatedly press the button on the front of your Bowl Light™ until you see a sequence of colors changing. “Color-Cycle Mode” will activate with one more press of the button after “Blue” color is displayed.

Q: How can I change the brightness of my Bowl Light™?
A: To change the brightness level, while Bowl Light™ is on, press and hold the button on the front until Multi-Color LED blinks. Repeatedly press the button to browse through the 5 levels of brightness. Then, choose the level of brightness that is right for you, and stop pressing the button. Bowl Light™ will blink after 5 seconds to show the dimmer is now set.

Q: My Bowl Light™ arrived damaged or broken. How can I receive a replacement?
A: Please contact us at 844-463-1130 or email us at so we can send a new one out to you.

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